Sterling Silver Goblets

A brief history of sterling silver goblet with links to over 50 different styles, pictured with desciptions.

The goblet is a descendant of the Standing Cup, an iconic symbol of royalty and an important piece on banquet tables in the 16th Century. Standing cups were typically 12 to 20 inches tall, and the wine in them was shared among the guests. In contrast, today’s sterling silver goblets range from 6½ to 8 inches in height; Each guest at the table has their own, filled with water. Although the styling and purpose of the goblet has changed since its inception, it remains a focal point on a perfectly set table.

Of bell shaped form and raised foot, goblets are as diverse in design as flatware, in fact some popular flatware patterns have matching goblets.

Examples Include:

  •  Chantilly by Gorham
  • Repousse by Kirk Steiff
  • Francis I by Reed & Barton
  • Rose Point by Wallace
  • Prelude by International

Given as a wedding present or to commemorate an event, a sterling silver goblet is a gift that is beautiful, useful and has with lasting value.

For in-depth instructions on cleaning and caring for goblets, please visit our website in the caring for section of

Our current inventory of goblets is available online here.  If you already have some goblets and are looking to add to a set, please look on the bottom of the goblet, under the stem for the maker (it may written out or symbolized) and the style number.  You will need both to match your goblet.  If you are unsure of the maker, please comment here (or email us: with a description of the mark!  We would be happy to help you!

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  1. Do you sell cloths for individual spaces in them for knives, forks, spoons, etc.

    Also, I am still hoping to buy a silver pitcher hanging on a stand which has a silver cup standing on the base of the stand. Can you find one for me?

  2. I have my mother’s collection of silver since her passing. Some is Sterling Silver flatware by Lunt and other piece are from other companies. But I have quite a few Water and Wine Goblets that have the inscription on the bottom of “Roma SL”, Madrid Spain. Are they worth anything? Are they Sterling or Plated? If you could email me back I sure would appreciate it! I also would like to possibly see about selling my Sterling Silver flatware by Lunt to you all. May I stop in the store or do I do it via email?

    Thank you for your time.

    Elizabeth Egan

  3. i have what appears to a trophy cup at the bottom it has the number 463 and then the letter p i have traced it back to the late 1880’s from the hand engraved inscription that appears on the cup any idea on what it cost when it was manufactured
    thank you for your time and effort
    john russo

  4. I wonder if you can help me identify this mark on my sterling goblets. It’s an arrow that runs through a circle with K or M or R letters overlapping each other. Under the arrow, on the left of the circle is the word TRADE and on the other side of the circle is MARK. Along the left shaft of the arrow it runs through an S. >>>—-S— —C—->

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